Jim Jackson’s will get you set up for crossbow hunting

Our new 8-lane indoor archery range is open!

Don’t stay at home on rainy days dreaming of hunting season. Come to Jim Jackson’s and try out a crossbow. They have multiple styles to choose from, and the selection is broad enough that anyone should be able to shoot:

  • Recurve
  • Compound
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Bullet
  • Repeating

Considering purchasing a crossbow? Talk to the experts.

Jim Jackson himself has been hunting with a crossbow for over a decade, and his employees are required to be proficient crossbow hunters. His employees, or maybe Mr. Jackson himself, will be able to help with:

  1. Determining your budget: Thousands of dollars should be spent on a quality crossbow if a person’s needs justify it, but Jackson’s experts can help guide patrons, so they are able to save money by cutting underutilized features. Quality and utility are prioritized over profit.
  2. Checking the manufacturer: Every model has a failure rate, and your Jim Jackson expert will fully disclose all the benefits and drawbacks to each crossbow purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority, and honest expectations are the only way to achieve it.
  3. Speed: A bolt from a crossbow travels at 300 to 380 feet per second (fps). This can be increased with modifications but usually at the expense of soundproofing or recoil. Jim Jackson’s will find the best fit for your hunting needs.
  4. Weight: Less weight equals less control, and we want safe hunters. Our experts will help find the right weight for your ability and strength, so you can have as much control as possible.

Many Jim Jackson’s customers are previous compound bow hunters, and the thought of crossbow hunting sounds appealing because of the increase in accuracy, or it feels like a betrayal to all those dyed-in-the-wool archery hunters packing bows. Crossbow hunting is very similar and very different from traditional archery methods. For one, you still must get close to your prey, and camouflage and stealthiness remain requirements. However, it is also true that crossbow hunting can be easier. It’s as if you are combining the advantages of a rifle with the thrill of archery.

Crossbows definitely have their place in the hunting world, but Jim Jackson wants you to experience it for yourself. Come visit the store any time during business hours, and try a crossbow shoot. If you aren’t 100 percent thrilled by your experience, then crossbow hunting is not for you. But if you interest is piqued, crossbow hunting is an addictive pleasure you are sure to love for years.