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Jim Jackson outside the range.

Hello visitors!

My name is Jim, founder of Jim Jackson’s crossbow range out of Wilson, Wyoming. As a kid, I spent a lot of time hunting with my father. Not overly interested in guns, I turned to the bow and arrow and since my early teens have been an avid archer. Almost twenty years ago, I wanted to yet again, try something different and discovered my passion for crossbows. I’ve since abandoned hunting and grew a business exposing people of all ages to the art of shooting with both a bow and arrows and crossbows.

Recently, I started this this website in hopes to reach even more people, while continuing to expand my company. If you have a love and knowledge for crossbows, feel free to send an email to If postal is more your speed, I also accept inquiries through mail. All letters can be sent to 3755 N Fork Fall Creek RD, 83014, Wilson, WY.

To get a feel for the kind of content I am looking for, please look through the sites home page. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.